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Get Money Smarts

Monthly Summaries

Your budget and transactions are arranged in monthly segments for easier management. Individual transactions and budget items are categorized and dated for better tracking

Visual Feedback

A spreadsheet doesn't cut it when you're trying to tell where your money is being spent. Using graphs GMS can tell you where you spend your money, how much did you spend, and when it was spent.

Historical Comparison

It's helpful to see how your budget performs over time so you can make necessary lifestyle adjustments. Your budget and activity can be tracked for up to four months.

About Get Money Smarts

Getmoneysmarts.org is a product of the Montana University System — Student Financial Services. The goal of the site is to provide you with financial skills and tools that will assist you in becoming financially savvy.

While the site is generally geared towards college students and recent college graduates, most of the tools are useful at any point in life. In a contracting or slowing economic environment, managing personal finances closely is critical. We intend for this website to be a one stop tool box for money management resources. In many cases we will link to outside sites for in-depth tools and up-to-date financial advice.

3 Steps to Managing Your Money with Budget Smarts

Estimate all sources of expected income & expenses

Enter all actual income and expenses

Get an overview and summary of your budget and transactions

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