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Security Requirements

The SFS Portal utilizes a variety of security safeguards to ensure that personal and private data is secure. The following requirements have been employed with the security of your data in mind.

Password Requirements

All users must follow these requirements when creating passwords for the SFS Portal:

  • 8-character minimum length
  • Must include at least one of each of the following:
    • Upper-case character
    • Numeric character
    • Special character (e.g. #,$,%,^)
  • Must be different than the previous 6 passwords used.

In the event a user forgets their password, they must supply their date of birth and correctly answer a pre-selected security question before their password can be changed.

Pass Phrase

A user's pass phrase will be displayed during the password reset and identity verification processes to indicate that they are connected to the SFS Portal and NOT a phishing site.

Security Questions

Users must select and answer three security questions during the account setup process. The user will be required to answer one or more of these questions during the password reset and identity verification processes. These questions provide an extra layer of security to these functions.

  • Answers ARE case sensitive.
  • Do not share this information with anyone.
  • These questions and answers can be changed at a later date.