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Dual Credit Incentive Program

The Dual Credit Incentive Program rewards teachers for teaching dual enrollment classes in high schools. For every college credit class taught in high school for dual credit, the teachers will receive a C4C Coupon reflecting the same credit value. These C4C Coupons may be redeemed for in-state graduate or undergraduate tuition at any public or tribal college in the state of Montana. Coupons may be assigned to anyone. Teachers may use them to obtain graduate credits, or they may assign them to any child, friend or student. They may also be pooled with other dual credit teachers to create scholarships.

Teachers will be sent an award letter each semester with login information and instructions for assigning C4C Coupons. Coupons must be assigned by the teacher, before they may be redeemed for tuition.

I am an Instructor

Enter your instructor ID and passcode below to access your coupon(s). You will be required to complete your instructor profile if you haven't already.


I am a Student

To redeem a coupon, please have your social security number available. Your sensitive information is protected with industry-standard encryption technology. This information is required for funds to be sent to your campus.

Redeem a Coupon

For more information on the MUS Dual Credit Incentive Program, or of you have questions regarding the assignment and redemption process, please contact the SFS Scholarship Department at 1-800-537-7508 or at MTScholarships@montana.edu.